11U House League Overview

At this level, players now start to face Pitchers and live pitching.  They start to develop their pitching and base stealing skills (please see base stealing rules below).  They continue to hone their batting, fielding, throwing and catching skills, and their knowledge of positions, strategy and team play awareness continue to grow. 

  • For players that are 10 & 11 years old
  • Season starts in May and goes to early September (games are subject to weather and field conditions) 
  • Playoffs start from late August, ending on Championship Day Saturday in early September
  • Games are played on weeknights at Smythe Park
  • Allow 2 hours for a typical game (including pre-game warmup)
  • Uniforms (jersey, pants, socks & cap) will be handed out at the start of the season once team rosters have been set 
  • Players will need to supply their own baseball gloves
  • Baseball helmets are available for games, but it is recommended that players use their own helmets for health reasons
  • Baseball helmets must have chin straps.  The only exception is if the helmet has a face guard attached to it, thereby making it not possible to attach a chin strap
  • Players should strongly consider buying/wearing athletic cups, especially if they wish to play the Catcher position.  Catchers MUST wear athletic cups 
  • Batting gloves and cleats (non-metal only) are allowed but not required 
  • York Baseball will supply regulation baseballs, bats, bases and Catcher equipment   
  • Don't forget to bring some drinking water
  • Teams are coed
  • York Baseball is run entirely by a dedicated group of volunteers.  Please consider expressing your interest in coaching or assisting a coach
  • NOTE - Like 11U players, umpires are also continuing to learn the game as well.  It is expected that the coaches support our umpires and their calls.  Players are to leave the playing field if they are called out on the bases or strike out, and are to avoid any angry confrontations with the umpires.  Any difficulties with umpires can be brought to the attention of a Convener or the Umpire Coordinator   


11U House League Rules


  • Distance between bases: 65 feet (19.8 metres)
  • Distance from pitching rubber to home plate: 44 feet (13.4 metres)
  • Game length:  1 hour 45 minutes (no new inning after this time)
  • Teams may field a maximum of 9 players
  • Player positions: Catcher, Pitcher, 1st Base, 2nd Base, 3rd Base, Shortstop, Left Fielder, Centre Fielder, Right Fielder
  • Any player playing the Catcher position must wear a Catcher's helmet, chest protector and shin guards
  • Catchers MUST wear an athletic cup
  • Teams must field a minimum of 7 players.  Teams shall borrow players from the opposing team in order to avoid forfeiting a game should they be short players
  • No player shall sit on the bench for 2 consecutive innings, unless in case of injury 
  • Teams will bat until there are 3 outs, or if they bat through the entire lineup per each inning
  • On the last batter, if 3 outs have not been made, the play will not end until the defensive team Catcher has touched home plate in possession of the baseball
  • The last inning of a game will be "open" with no limit on the number of runs scored?
  • Time will be granted when a fielder has possession of the ball on the infield and runners have stopped advancing
  • Winning teams will receive 2 points for each win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss
  • In the event that a game becomes unplayable due to the weather, the umpire will make the decision to play, suspend or call off the game
  • In the event of thunder and lightning, York Baseball follows Baseball Ontario guidelines with respect to lightning safety. "When thunder roars, go indoors".  Games will be halted, and cannot continue until 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder
  • The Home team will use the 3rd base dugout, the Visiting team will use the 1st base dugout    
  • The home team is responsible for setting up the field and making sure bases and equipment are put away


  • Bunting is not allowed.  A warning will be issued by the umpire per team, and batters will be called out for any further infractions
  • There are no dropped 3rd strikes in 11U.
  • Base runners can steal bases in 11U, but they cannot steal/leave any base until a pitched baseball crosses home plate.  Teams will receive 1 warning.  Any further infractions will be automatic outs
  • There are no designated hitters
  • Players are not to throw their bats when hitting as this is dangerous.  Each team will receive a warning if the batter throws their bat in a manner deemed dangerous by the umpire.  Subsequent batters who throw their bats and are deemed dangerous throws by the umpire will be called out
  • There is no Infield Fly Rule
  • Latecomers are placed at the end of the batting order.  If there is a chronic latecomer, coaches may insert them higher in the batting order to avoid a player always being the last batter.  Inform the opposing team coach of this.
  • Any player who has to leave a game early is simply skipped in the batting order without penalty 


  • A pitcher can only pitch 2 innings per game
  • A pitcher must be substituted if they hit 2 batters in a game
  • Balks are not called at this level