Umpires Overview

"I never questioned the integrity of an umpire.  Their eyesight, yes."  - Leo Durocher


So why become an umpire?

  • Umpiring builds character - responsibility, dedication, commitment, making quick decisions and confidence.  Perfect for entering the future pressure-filled workforce.
  • Want a better understanding of the intricate rules of baseball?  Umpires have to study and become familiar with the rule book.
  • Umpiring helps to keep teens active and involved.  We need umpires for 5 levels of baseball (2 umpires per game), both House League and Select divisions.  That adds up to a lot of umpires needed over the course of a season.  Opportunities await!
  • Umpires earn money! (maybe this should be the first point).


How old do I have to be?

Umpires have to be a minimum of 12 years old (born in 2011 or later for the 2023 season).


Do I need to play baseball first?

No, but any previous baseball experience and knowledge is going to be a big asset obviously.


Do I need any special certification?

Yes.  All umpires must complete  a Baseball Ontario Umpire Development certification course annually:

1) Complete a virtual Umpire Learning Course comprised of a series of independent learning modules

2) Attend a 4 hour in-person, locally hosted Developing Umpire Camp

All participants must first register on the Baseball Ontario ONDeck app (downloaded from the App Store, Play Store, etc.). 

Both the Online Learning Course and the Developing Umpire Camp can be booked on the app.  

For further information about becoming a Baseball Ontario certified umpire:


Are there different umpire levels?

Yes, as follows:

Level 1 - This is a 2 year level.  Levels 1.1 (1st year) and 1.2 (2nd year) must be completed

in 2 consecutive years.  This is the starting point of all umpires.

Level 2 - After completing 2 consecutive years of Level 1, umpires can then complete Level 2

in their 3rd consecutive year of umpiring.

Level 3 -  After completing 3 consecutive years, umpires can complete Level 3 testing by

passing an online exam.


Can I find the Rules Of Baseball online?

They can be found on the Baseball Ontario website at:   


What is expected of an umpire at YBA?

  • Umpires should know and understand the rules of baseball pertaining to the games they will be umpiring at York Baseball.  This includes all division and level specific rules.
  • Umpires are dressed in OBA designated umpire attire - navy blue, or the new black, collared umpire shirts (tucked into your pants), dark grey pants (absolutely no blue jeans or shorts), and please try to wear black shoes or black cleats.
  • Short brimmed umpire hats are recommended but not mandatory. York baseball hats are fine to wear during House League games, but definitely not during Select games.
  • Umpires need 2 pieces of equipment: a count clicker and a hand brush to clean off home plate.  All other types of equipment (face masks, chest protectors and shin guards) are optional.
  • Arrive on time, 15 minutes before game time, and be ready to officiate at game start time.
  • Umpires officiate the games in a professional and unbiased manner, as per the rules of baseball.
  • Work together and communicate with their umpiring partner.
  • Speak loudly and clearly throughout the game, communicating about calls and decisions to coaches and players


Any questions?   

If you have any questions regarding umpiring with York Baseball, contact Alice Teramoto (Umpire Coordinator) at