T-Ball Overview

  • For players that are 4, 5 & 6 years old
  • Our season starts from May and goes to mid July (games are subject to weather and field conditions) 
  • Games are played on Saturday mornings at Smythe Park
  • Allow 1 hour for a typical game (including a short pre-game warmup)
  • Uniforms (jerseys & caps) will be handed out at the start of the season once team rosters have been set 
  • Players will need to supply their own baseball gloves
  • Baseball helmets are available for games, but it is recommended that players use their own helmets for health reasons
  • Baseball helmets must have chin straps
  • York Baseball will supply regulation T-Ball balls, bats, T-Ball stands and squeaking bases  
  • Don't forget to bring some drinking water
  • Teams are coed
  • Teams are purposely limited to about 8 players if possible, in order to maximize their number of at bats, as well as to keep them active and engaged as much as possible 


This is where it all starts for our future baseball stars!  Players are introduced to the basic concepts of batting, throwing and catching, fielding and running around the bases (in the correct direction).  


T-Ball Rules


  • All players will bat during their half of the inning
  • There are no outs
  • Players advance 1 base after every hit
  • The team listed first on the schedule is the Visiting team
  • Have fun