Privacy Policy, Dual Registration and Photo Consent Waiver

Privacy Policy

By clicking the button below, you acknowledge that you have received, reviewed and agree with the terms of Baseball Ontario’s Privacy Assurance and Privacy Policy.

Dual Registration

By completing this form, you are registering with both the York Baseball Association and Baseball Ontario.
Baseball Ontario appoints the York Baseball Association to collect fees on its behalf, included in the registration fee collected through this process.  No additional monies is charged to the parent registering locally.  Baseball Ontario invoices the York Baseball Association for fees collected.

Photo Consent

I authorize the York Baseball Association and/or their respective staff, associates, assistants, or subcontractors to use photograph(s), video and other media image provided for any local association promotional, educational or other pertinent uses.  I also agree to the York Baseball Association using any images of the named minor(s) gathered by photographers, and or videographers supplying images to my local association.  These images may include, but are not exclusive to, club, coach, athlete and/or parent, and/or volunteer submissions by various member associations of my local association.  I authorize my local association to permit the use and display of photographs and/or recordings of the named minors in any local association publication, multimedia production, including video and web usage, display, or advertisement.  I agree that the York Baseball Association may use name, likeness, or information supplied by the undersigned.  The undersigned releases and forever discharges the York Baseball Association and their respective officers and employees from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of said photographs/recordings, including but not limited to, any claims for invasion of privacy or defamation.  I agree to this photo consent as set out above.  You can withdraw your consent at any time.