Update - January 2021

As we are now off and running in 2021, it appears that there hasn't been much relief from our predicament that ended 2020.  The government restrictions that were once again imposed starting from this past October, have now been ramped up in order to help slow the spread of Covid-19.  At this point, we would like to update everyone on a couple of points:


  • As expected, the City of Toronto is not issuing permits to rent school gyms at this time.  As a result, York Baseball is not able to secure gym space to begin our regular indoor Winter workouts for the 2021 season.  Should this change, we will update our website, announce on social media, and send out emails to those on our mailing lists.


  • While we have already submitted our 2021 application for field permits for the Smythe Park baseball fields, it is clearly too early to have any idea how the pandemic will affect the start of our baseball season.  Hopefully we will have a better idea of the situation in a month or so.  As above, updates will be posted on our website and social media platforms and emails will be sent out on our mailing lists.


With a little luck, and a lot of hand washing, mask wearing and social distancing, hopefully we can get closer to normalcy than we did last year, and we can get our Registration link open once again.  Until that time, we hope that everyone is well, healthy and safe.


York Baseball Association